T9SS cryo-ET

Song L., Perpich J.D., Wu C.G., Doan T., Nowakowska Z., Potempa J. Christie P.J., Cascales E., Lamont R. Hu B. 2022. A unique bacterial secretion machinery with multiple secretion centers. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 119, e2119907119.

PMID: 35471908

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This study and the work on the GldLM molecular motor have been featured on the CNRS website (in French): le T9SS, une mitrailleuse à 8 canons !

GldLM Motor

Vincent M.S., Comas Hervada C., Sebban-Kreuzer C., Le Guenno H., Chabalier M., Kosta A., Guerlesquin F., Mignot T., McBride M.J., Cascales E., Doan T. 2022. Dynamic proton-dependent motors power type IX secretion and gliding motility in Flavobacterium. PLOS Biology. in press

PMID: 35333857

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PorW-Sov interaction

Gorasia D.G., Lunar Silva I., Butler C.A., Chabalier M., Doan T., Cascales E., Veith P.D., Reynolds E.C. 2022. Protein interactome analysis of the type IX secretion system identifies PorW as the missing link between the PorK/N ring complex and the Sov translocon. Microbiol. Spectrum. 10, e0160221.

PMID: 35019767

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PorN structure

Fuchsbauer O., Lunar Silva I., Cascales E., Roussel A., Leone P. 2022. Structural and functional analyses of the Porphyromonas gingivalis type IX secretion system PorN protein. J Biol Chem. 298, 101618.

PMID: 35065963

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Myxococcus Predation

Seef S., Herrou J., de Boissier P., My L., Brasseur G., Robert D., Jain R., Mercier R., Cascales E., Habermann B.H., Mignot T. 2021. A Tad-like apparatus is required for contact-dependent prey killing in predatory social bacteria. eLife. 10, e72409.

PMID: 34505573

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Azospirillum T6SS

Cassán F.D., Coniglio A., Amavizca E., Maroniche G., Cascales E., Bashan Y., de-Bashan L.E. 2021. The Azospirillum brasilense type VI secretion system promotes cell aggregation, biocontrol protection against phytopathogens and attachment to the microalgae Chlorella sorokiniana. Environ Microbiol. 23, 6257-6274.

PMID: 34472164

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