We are a hard working group of dynamic personalities who come together to do exciting science in a relaxed atmosphere. We believe that the best science comes from a happy working environment and that every person, regardless of age, title or experience, contributes equally to our common and individual goals. Most importantly, we adhere to the notion that science should be fun!
If you are motivated, whether creative, analytical, or thinking “outside the box”, who would like to spend time working with similar people, then our lab might be your place !

… interested in joining the lab?

We always seek motivated postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and Master and undergraduate students who are passionate about fundamental biological questions and would like to work in a young and dynamic research team. We welcome applications from candidates with a background in microbiology, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, structural biology but also other disciplines.


We are currently seeking to recruit exceptional and motivated postdoctoral researchers to join our lab. Candidates are expected to have a strong background in microbiology, bacterial genetics, biochemistry or structural biology. Experience in live-cell imaging techniques, or proteomics approaches are an asset, but not a must.
Funding is not currently available, but prospective postdocs are strongly encouraged to apply for fellowships. French foundations providing postdoctoral fellowships include the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale. Other funding sources for postdocs include EMBO LTF, FEBS, HFSP, and Marie-Curie fellowships.
If you are interested in a postdoc position in our lab, please inquire by sending an email including CV and a letter of motivation stating your research interests to Eric.


We always welcome applications from students interested in pursuing a PhD project in our lab.
PhD students will have the opportunity to learn how to dissect molecular mechanisms of essential cellular processes by using multi-disciplinary approaches. Candidates are expected to be highly motivated and to have a keen interest in fundamental biological questions.
Please contact Eric if you are interested in a PhD project in the lab.


We have a range of interesting projects for Bachelor and Master Summer students. The projects will focus on understanding the architecture, the asssembly, or the regulation of bacterial secretion systems, as well as the activity and mode of action of bacterial toxins. Techniques used in our lab span from genetics, and biochemistry to  live-cell imaging and. Please feel free to contact Eric or just drop by our lab to have a chat.