PorN structure

Fuchsbauer O., Lunar Silva I., Cascales E., Roussel A., Leone P. 2022. Structural and functional analyses of the Porphyromonas gingivalis type IX secretion system PorN protein. J Biol Chem. 298, 101618.

PMID: 35065963

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Myxococcus Predation

Seef S., Herrou J., de Boissier P., My L., Brasseur G., Robert D., Jain R., Mercier R., Cascales E., Habermann B.H., Mignot T. 2021. A Tad-like apparatus is required for contact-dependent prey killing in predatory social bacteria. eLife. 10, e72409.

PMID: 34505573

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Azospirillum T6SS

Cassán F.D., Coniglio A., Amavizca E., Maroniche G., Cascales E., Bashan Y., de-Bashan L.E. 2021. The Azospirillum brasilense type VI secretion system promotes cell aggregation, biocontrol protection against phytopathogens and attachment to the microalgae Chlorella sorokiniana. Environ Microbiol. 23, 6257-6274.

PMID: 34472164

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Jurenas D., Payelleville A., Roghanian M., Turnbull K.J., Givaudan A., Brillard J., Hauryliuk V., Cascales E. 2021. Photorhabdus antibacterial Rhs polymorphic toxin inhibits translation through ADP-ribosylation of 23S ribosomal RNA. Nucleic Acids Res. 49, 8384-8395.

PMID: 34255843

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Nguyen V.S., Spinelli S., Cascales E., Roussel A., Cambillau C., Leone P. 2021. Anchoring the T6SS to the cell wall: Crystal structure of the peptidoglycan-binding domain of the TagL accessory protein. PLOS ONE. 16, e0254232.

PMID: 34214145

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Flaugnatti N., Rapisarda C., Rey M., Beauvois S.G., Nguyen V.A., Canaan S., Durand E., Chamot-Rooke J., Cascales E., Fronzes R., Journet L. 2020. Structural basis for loading and inhibition of a T6SS phospholipase by the VgrG spike. EMBO J. 39, e104129.

PMID: 32350888

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