Santin Y.G., Camy C.E., Zoued A., Doan T., Aschtgen M.S., Cascales E.. 2019. Role and recruitment of the TagL peptidoglycan-binding protein during Type VI secretion system biogenesis. J. Bacteriol. 201, e00173-19

PMID: 30910811

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Cryo-EM TssJLM

Rapisarda C., Cherrak Y., Kooger R., Schmidt V., Pellarin R., Logger L., Cascales E., Pilhofer M., Durand E., Fronzes R. 2019. In situ and high-resolution cryo-EM structure of a bacterial Type VI secretion system membrane complex. EMBO J. 38, e100886

PMID: 30877094

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T6SS baseplate wedge

Cherrak Y., Rapisarda C., Pellarin R., Bouvier G., Bardiaux B., Allain F. Malosse C., Rey M., Chamot-Rooke J., Cascales E., Fronzes R., Durand E. 2018. Biogenesis and structure of a Type VI secretion baseplate. Nat. Microbiol. 3, 1404-1416 .

PMID: 30323254

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see the Behind the paper  “Building the blocks of a bacterial weapon” by Chiara.


Santin Y.G., Doan T., Lebrun R., Espinosa L., Journet L., Cascales E. 2018. In vivo proximity labelling during Type VI secretion biogenesis reveals TagA as a protein that stops and holds the sheath. Nat. Microbiol. 3, 1304-1313 .

PMID: 30275513

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see the Behind the paper  “The Type VI secretion system under tension” by Yoann.

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see the News and Views “Tagging the Type VI secretion system” by Olivera Francetic.


Renault M.G., Zamarreno Beas J., Douzi B., Chabalier M. Zoued A., Brunet Y.R., Cambillau C., Journet L., Cascales E. 2018. The gp27-like hub of VgrG serves as adaptor to promote Hcp tube assembly. J. Mol. Biol. 430, 3143-3156.

PMID: 30031895

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Zoued A., Duneau J.P., Durand E., Espana A.P., Journet L., Guerlesquin F., Cascales E. 2018. Tryptophan-mediated dimerization of the TssL transmembrane anchor is required for Type VI secretion system activity. J. Mol. Biol. 430, 987-1003.

PMID: 29458124

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