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Zammit M., Bartoli J., Kellenberger C., Melani P., Roussel A., Cascales E., Leone P. 2024. Structure-function analysis of PorXFj, the PorX homolog from Flavobacterium johnsioniae, suggests a role of the CheY-like domain in type IX secretion motor activity. Sci Rep. 14, 6577. PMID: 38503809 see more >

Type 1 fimbriae

Dessartine M.M., Kosta A., Doan T., Cascales E., Côté J.-P. 2024. Type 1 fimbriae-mediated collective protection against type 6 secretion system attacks. mBio. 0, e02553-23. PMID: 38497656 see more >

01 February 2024

We are very happy to host Maria del Mar Quiñonero Coronel for a 3-month stay in our lab, funded by an EMBO short-term fellowship ! Maria del Mar is a PhD candidate in the Laboratory of Functional Plasmidomics, under the direction of Maria Pilar Garcillan Barcia, at the IBBTEC (Universidad of Cantabria, Santander, Spain). Welcome […]

Stenotrophomonas T6SS

Garin T., Brin C., Préveaux A., Brault A., Briand M., Simonin M., Barret M., Journet L., Sarniguet A. 2024. The type VI secretion system of Stenotrophomonas rhizophila CFBP13503 limits the transmission of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris 8004 from radish seeds to seedlings. Mol Plant Pathol. 25, e13412. PMID: 38279854 see more >

27-31 May 2024

Thierry will give a Keynote lecture at the Second International Conference on Marine Flavobacteria in Roscoff, France.

16-18 May 2024

Eric will give the plenary lecture at the International Microbiology Conference in Rijeka, Croatia.

27 September 2023

Eric gave the Keynote address at the 10th International conference on Tularemia in Grenoble, France.

15 December 2023

Congratulations Romain for your PhD defense ! A beautiful oral presentation and great discussion with your committee ! Thank you Annabelle Merieau, Christian Lesterlin, Virginie Molle, Laurent Terradot and Isabelle Imbert for evaluating Romain’s work !

05 December 2023

The team receives the 8th Prix Départemental pour la Recherche en Provence ! Thank you for supporting our work !

15 November 2023

The second edition of the Methods in Molecular Biology protocol series, edited by Laure and Eric, is now available ! Congrats to all authors!