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T6SS-Review ASM

Cherrak Y., Flaugnatti N., Durand E., Journet L., Cascales E.. 2019. Structure and activity of the type VI secretion system. Microbiol. Spectr. 7, PSIB-0031-2019 PMID: 31298206 see more >


Santin Y.G., Camy C.E., Zoued A., Doan T., Aschtgen M.S., Cascales E.. 2019. Role and recruitment of the TagL peptidoglycan-binding protein during Type VI secretion system biogenesis. J. Bacteriol. 201, e00173-19 PMID: 30910811 see more >

Cryo-EM TssJLM

Rapisarda C., Cherrak Y., Kooger R., Schmidt V., Pellarin R., Logger L., Cascales E., Pilhofer M., Durand E., Fronzes R. 2019. In situ and high-resolution cryo-EM structure of a bacterial Type VI secretion system membrane complex. EMBO J. 38, e100886 PMID: 30877094 see more >

13 November 2018

Eric C. will give a talk on Type VI secretion for the Microbiology PhD program at the Federal University of Rio (Brazil). (Invited by Leticia Lery).

12 Novembre 2018

Eric C. will give a talk on Type VI secretion at the Departamento de Microbiologia of the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) (Invitation by Chuck Farah and Cristina Alvarez Martinez.

31 October 2018

Eric C. will give a talk on Type VI secretion at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium). (Invited by Laurence Van Melderen).

11 October 2018

Laure and Yoann demonstrating unexpected talent during the Karaoke session at ETMM2018 !!  

24 October 2018

TagA helps T6SS to hold their fire. Our work makes the cover of the Nature Microbiology November 2018 issue.

23 October 2018

The work of the lab has been highlighted in the Mathieu Vidard’s chronicle (l’édito carré) at the France Inter radio broadcast “Game of Thrones chez les bactéries” !!

19 October 2018

Ryan presented his summer work at the 2018 Laidlaw scholars event, hold at the Sheldonian Theater in Oxford.