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Prox Labeling Review

Santin Y.G. 2019. Uncovering the in vivo proxisome using proximity-tagging methods. Bioessays. 41, e1900131 PMID: 31664723 see more >

Tail length

Santin Y.G., Doan T., Journet L., Cascales E.. 2019. Cell width dictates Type VI secretion tail length. Curr. Biol. 29, 3707-3713 PMID: 31630952 see more >

10 March 2019

Welcome to Mélanie, who joined us as Engineer. She obtained her PhD from the University of Amsterdam (Laboratory of Joen Luirink), working on the insertion of bacterial membrane proteins.

01 February 2019

Welcome to Amaury and Dukas. Amaury got his PhD from the University of Montpellier (team of Alain Givaudan), working on DNA methylation in Photorhabdus. Dukas got his PhD from the University of Brussels (Belgium) (team of Laurence Van Melderen/Abel Garcia-Pino), working on toxins/anti-toxins.    

22 January 2019

Yassine presented a poster on his work on the T6SS baseplate at the 13thannual Salk Fondation/ Ipsen science symposium on biological complexity.

05 January 2019

Yoann’s article on TagA was awarded “Article of the month” from the Société Française de Biochimie et Biologie Moléculaire (French Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology).

10 December 2018

The team was awarded the “Coup d’Elan pour la Recherche Française” of the Fondation Bettencourt Schueller. The ceremony was hold at the Institut de France. Here is the link for the team presentation.

T6SS-Review ASM

Cherrak Y., Flaugnatti N., Durand E., Journet L., Cascales E.. 2019. Structure and activity of the type VI secretion system. Microbiol. Spectr. 7, PSIB-0031-2019 PMID: 31298206 see more >


Santin Y.G., Camy C.E., Zoued A., Doan T., Aschtgen M.S., Cascales E.. 2019. Role and recruitment of the TagL peptidoglycan-binding protein during Type VI secretion system biogenesis. J. Bacteriol. 201, e00173-19 PMID: 30910811 see more >

Cryo-EM TssJLM

Rapisarda C., Cherrak Y., Kooger R., Schmidt V., Pellarin R., Logger L., Cascales E., Pilhofer M., Durand E., Fronzes R. 2019. In situ and high-resolution cryo-EM structure of a bacterial Type VI secretion system membrane complex. EMBO J. 38, e100886 PMID: 30877094 see more >