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13-21 February 2022

Visit of our collaborators in Santiago de Chile ! Exciting to talk about the work done and to discuss our projects with Carlos and his labmates (Blondel’s lab, Universidad Andrés Bello) . Thank you Carlos et al for hosting !

20 March 2022

Congratulations Thierry for your Habilitation thesis ! Great past work and exciting projects !!

25 February 2022

Farewell party for Dukas ! It was great to have you the last 3 years ! We will miss you so much ! But let’s continue our common projects !

T9SS cryo-ET

Song L., Perpich J.D., Wu C.G., Doan T., Nowakowska Z., Potempa J. Christie P.J., Cascales E., Lamont R. Hu B. 2022. A unique bacterial secretion machinery with multiple secretion centers. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 119, e2119907119. PMID: 35471908 see more > This study and the work on the GldLM molecular motor have been featured […]

GldLM Motor

Vincent M.S., Comas Hervada C., Sebban-Kreuzer C., Le Guenno H., Chabalier M., Kosta A., Guerlesquin F., Mignot T., McBride M.J., Cascales E., Doan T. 2022. Dynamic proton-dependent motors power type IX secretion and gliding motility in Flavobacterium. PLOS Biology. in press PMID: 35333857 see more >

03-04 November 2022

Eric will give a talk at the Microbiology Society meeting on Protein Secretion at the Host-Pathogen Interface in Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK)

20 January 2022

Farewell party for Julius ! It was great to have you in the lab ! Wait ??? This is picture of the end of the party 🙂

25 January 2022

Congratulations to Dukas for being awarded an ESCMID grant with Thierry ! New and exciting projects in perspectives !

09 December 2021

Our work on the Photorhabdus Rhs activity, loading and structure has been featured on the CNRS website (in French): Rhs, une grenade antibactérienne.

01 December 2021

Eric gave a Plenary lecture at the Annual meeting of the Chilean Society of Microbiology (SoMiCh).