17 July 2020

Thank you the ANR for funding our work on the T6SS and T9SS !

15 June 2021

Welcome to our two summer interns from Aix-Marseille University: Sophie, Floriane, Noa, Pierre and Julien.

01 July 2020

Welcome to our two summer interns from Aix-Marseille University: Camille and Jonas.

04 July 2020

Congratulations to Romain for succeeding to the doctoral school competition ! Ready to start your thesis ? We will learn more on T6SS accessory genes ! Stay tuned !

01 July 2020

The T6SS made the cover at J Bacteriol ! Thank you Annalisa Pierro for the SciArt !

21 April 2020

The seventh baby of the Lab: Yassine‘s dissertation ! Well done !

20 April 2020

Our work on TssA, TagA and tail length control has been featured in an article of Ambre Moreau, Lucas Dupuis, and Donovan Robert, three AMU master 2 students, published in Medecine & Sciences (in French). You can read it here.

15-17 April 2020

Laure and Eric presented the lab latest research at T6SympoZOOM, a virtual T6SS meeting during the Covid-19 lockdown.

April – May 2020

The CNRS supports a webserie  “Diffuse la Science, pas le Virus“,  an initiative of Tâm Mignot and Yann Vacher. Three Ph.D students of the team, Boris, Yassine and Yoann, and Eric participated to six episodes (in French).

Episode 1: La promesse de l’hydroxychloroquine

Episode 2: Les stratégies sociales pour endiguer la pandémie de Covid-19

Episode 3: La sérothérapie pour le Covid-19?

Episode 4: Covid-19: à la quête de l’élixir vaccinal

Episode 5: Repositionnement de médicaments contre le Covid-19

Episode 6: Bilan sur l’hydroxychloroquine