26 November 2021

Gauthier gave a talk on Pseudomonas PA14 PAPI-1 ICE, regulation, transfer and function at the IMM Days.

01 October 2021

Eric gave a (online) talk on T6SS architecture and assembly at the University of Sherbrooke (Canada).

23 June 2021

Eric gave a (virtual) conference on T6SS at the University of Sao Paulo (Brasil).

03 May 2021

Eric presented recent works on the T6SS in the Keynote lecture for the University of Texas – Houston Medical School MMG/MID (online) retreat.

21 December 2020

Eric gave a (virtual) talk at the Wuhan University of Technology (China).

01 July 2021

Congratulations Ignacio for your Ph.D defense ! You did it great !

28 June 2020

Congratulations to Maëlle for succeeding to the doctoral school competition ! Ready to start your thesis ? We look forward for your discoveries on T9SS !