15 March 2023

Congratulations Boris for your PhD defense ! Amazing discussion with the jury ! Thanks to Pascale Romby, Nicolas Carraro, Sylvie Chevalier-Laurency, Julien Brillard and Tâm Mignot !

20 February 2023

The eleventh baby of the lab ! Congratulations Solène for your thesis manuscript !

21 January 2023

The tenth baby of the lab ! Congratulations Boris for your thesis manuscript !

01 September 2022

The T6SS makes the cover in Molecular Microbiology. Congrats Laure and Dukas for the review, and Dukas for the ScienceArt !

05 September 2022

Eric gives the Plenary Keynote lecture at the Plasmid Biology meeting in Toulouse.

29 August 2022

Solène and Boris are at the BacNet 2022 Meeting in San Feliu de Guixol (Spain). They found Yoann, who was there too ! Meeting or Beach ?

05 July 2022

Solène, Maëlle, Boris and Romain are at CIVIS Summer School on Host-Pathogen Interaction in Tübingen, Germany. Maëlle got the Poster Price. Congratulations !