06 May 2022

Solène, Boris and Yvann presented their PhD works at the 2022 JSM3 meeting. Well done guys !

13-21 February 2022

Visit of our collaborators in Santiago de Chile ! Exciting to talk about the work done and to discuss our projects with Carlos and his labmates (Blondel’s lab, Universidad Andrés Bello) . Thank you Carlos et al for hosting !

20 March 2022

Congratulations Thierry for your Habilitation thesis ! Great past work and exciting projects !!

25 February 2022

Farewell party for Dukas ! It was great to have you the last 3 years ! We will miss you so much ! But let’s continue our common projects !

20 January 2022

Farewell party for Julius ! It was great to have you in the lab !
Wait ??? This is picture of the end of the party 🙂

25 January 2022

Congratulations to Dukas for being awarded an ESCMID grant with Thierry ! New and exciting projects in perspectives !