19 May 2021

Welcome to Yvann Bourigault (PhD student with Xavier Latour in Evreux) for a short-term visit ! Let’s go for fancy microscopy !!

14 May 2021

The ninth baby of the Lab: Ignacio‘s dissertation ! Congratulations ! Nice Job !

16 March 2021

Welcome to the Master 1 students for their training period: Margot, Morgane and Jérémy.

19 February 2021

After being postponed twice due to the Covid19 situation, Yoann successfully defending his thesis ! You did an amazing job !

05 February 2021

We have a new technician in the Lab ! Welcome Sophie. Sophie was manager/secretary in an another CNRS Institute dedicated to Nanosciences before deciding to make a U-turn and performing bench work in Microbiology. So, let’s start learning Molecular Biology !

01 October 2020

New arrival in the Lab ! Gauthier is joining us for his post-doc. Gauthier did his Ph.D in Christophe Bordi’s team on the regulation of the Pseudomonas PAPI-1 island. His post-docotal work will be funded by the association ‘Espoir contre la Mucoviscidose‘.  You can support this association by making a donation.

14 September 2020

The eigth baby of the Lab: Yoann‘s dissertation ! We look forward for the defense !

09 July 2020

Julie successfully defended her Habilitation ! Congratulations !