16 March

Lab shutdown due to the Coronavirus SARS-CoV2 pandemic… Hope to see you soon !

01 January 2020

Julie, Julia, Yasmine and Michaël (previously in Emma Bouveret’s group at the LISM) join us ! Very excited to start new projects !

November-December 2019

Three new arrivals in the lab: Welcome to Marie, Caterina and Boris ! Marie (a previous engineer in a biological start-up) and Caterina (previously in WD Hardt’s lab in Zurich, Switerland) join us as engineers, while Boris (a former Master student from Alain Givaudan’s lab in Montpellier and Alice Guidot/Stéphane Génin in Toulouse) join us for his Ph.D !

01-06 September 2019

Ignacio, Yassine and Yoann presented their works at the BacNet19 meeting at Sant Feliù de Guixols.

01 July 2019

Welcome to our two summer interns: Ashleigh (Oxford) and Baptiste (Aix-Marseille).

28 June 2019

Solène succeeded to the doctoral school competition. Welcome in the lab for your thesis ! You will tell us how the Tle1 effector is loaded on the T6SS !