TssK structure

Nguyen V.S., Logger L., Spinelli S., Legrand P., Huyen Pham T.T., Nhung Trinh T.T., Cherrak Y., Zoued A., Desmyter A., Durand E., Roussel A., Kellenberger C., Cascales E., Cambillau C. 2017. Type VI secretion TssK baseplate protein exhibits structural similarity with phage receptor-binding proteins and evolved to bind the membrane complex. Nat Microbiol. 2, 17103.

PMID: 28650463

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T9SS PorKLMN complex

Vincent M.S., Canestrari M.J.,  Leone P., Stathopulos J., Ize B., Zoued A., Cambillau C., Kellenberger C., Roussel A. & Cascales E. 2017. Characterization of the Porphyromonas gingivalis Type IX secretion trans-envelope PorKLMNP core complex. J Biol Chem. 292, 3252-3261.

PMID: 28057754

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ClpV-TssC interaction

Douzi B., Brunet Y.R.,  Spinelli S., Lensi V., Legrand P., Blangy S., Kumar A., Journet L., Cascales E. & Cambillau C. 2016. Structure and specificity of the Type VI secretion system ClpV-TssC interaction in enteroaggregative Escherichia coli. Sci Rep. 6, 34405.

PMID: 27698444

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TssLc domain

Zoued A., Cassaro C.J., Durand E., Douzi B., Espana A.P., Cambillau C., Journet L. & Cascales E.  2016. Structure-function analysis of the TssL cytoplasmic domain reveals a new interaction beween the Type VI secretion baseplate and membrane complexes. J Mol Biol. 428, 4413-4423.

PMID: 27600409

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TssMc domain

Logger L., Aschtgen M.S., Guérin M., Cascales E. & Durand E.  2016. Molecular dissection of the interface between the Type VI secretion TssM cytoplasmic domain and the TssG baseplate component. J Mol Biol. 428, 4424-4437.

PMID: 27600411

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Vincent M.S., Durand E. & Cascales E.  2016. The PorX response regulator of the Porphyromonas gingivalis PorXY two-component system does not directly regulate the Type IX secretion genes but binds the PorL subunit. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 6, 96.

PMID: 27630829

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Salmonella Attacks !

Sana T., Flaugnatti N., Lugo K.A., Lam L.L., Jacobson A., Baylot V., Durand E., Journet L., Cascales E. & Monack D.M. 2016. S. Typhimurium utilizes a T6SS-mediated antibacterial weapon to establish in the host gut. Proc Natl Acad Sc. USA. 113, 5044-5051.

PMID: 27503894

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TssA is a tail coordinator

Zoued A., Durand E., Brunet Y.R., Spinelli S., Douzi B., Guzzo M., Flaugnatti N., Legrand P., Journet L., Fronzes R., Mignot T., Cambillau C. & Cascales E. 2016. Priming and polymerization of a bacterial contractile tail. Nature. 531, 59-63.

PMID: 26909579

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